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πŸ“™ The Taste of Bread by Raymond Calvel, Ronald L. Wirtz, James J. MacGuire β€” epub download

At last, Raymond Calvel's Le Gout du Pain is available in English, translated by Ronald Wirtz. Mr. Calvel is known throughout the world for his research on the production of quality French and European hearth breads.Β  The Taste of Bread is a thorough guide to the elements and principles behind the production of good-tasting bread, including a broad variety of bread products as flavored breads, breadsticks, croissants, brioches, and other regional baked goods. Each important aspect of the process is covered: wheat and milling characteristics of breadmaking flour dough composition oxidation in the mixing process leavening and fermentation effects of dough division and formation baking and equipment storage The English edition provides notes and information specifically on the use of North American flours and includes recipes in both metric and US units. Enhanced with new black-and-white and color photography, The Taste of Bread will be a key resource for bakers and other culinary professionals and students who must understand the complex elements that yield quality breads.

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