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πŸ“™ Principles of Health Care Ethics, Second Edition by β€” pdf free

Chapter 1 The β€˜Four Principles’ Approach to Health Care Ethics (pages 3–10): Tom L. Beauchamp
Chapter 2 Theories of Autonomy (pages 11–17): Natalie Stoljar
Chapter 3 Beneficence (pages 19–26): Garrett Cullity
Chapter 4 Responsibilities for Poverty?Related Ill Health (pages 27–33): Thomas Pogge
Chapter 5 Liberalism and Communitarianism (pages 35–41): Colin Tyler
Chapter 6 How Many Principles for Bioethics? (pages 43–50): Robert M. Veatch
Chapter 7 Casuistical Reasoning in Medical Ethics (pages 51–56): Albert R. Jonsen
Chapter 8 Utilitarianism and Bioethics (pages 57–64): Matti Hayry
Chapter 9 Deontology (pages 65–71): David A. McNaughton and J. Piers Rawling
Chapter 10 Kantian Ethics (pages 73–77): Principal Onora O'neill
Chapter 11 Feminist Approaches to Health Care Ethics (pages 79–85): Susan Sherwin
Chapter 12 Virtue Theory (pages 87–91): Justin Oakley
Chapter 13 Moral Relativism (pages 93–98): Mark Sheehan
Chapter 14 Christian Approaches to Bioethics (pages 99–107): Heather Widdows
Chapter 15 Judaism and Medicine: Jewish Medical Ethics (pages 109–115): Fred Rosner
Chapter 16 The Search for Islamic Bioethics Principles (pages 117–125): Abdulaziz Sachedina
Chapter 17 Buddhist Bioethics (pages 127–133): James Hughes
Chapter 18 South Asian Approaches to Health Care Ethics (pages 135–142): Harold Coward
Chapter 19 The Specious Idea of an Asian Bioethics: Beyond Dichotomizing East and West (pages 143–149): Jing?Bao Nie
Chapter 20 Narrative Ethics (pages 151–157): Howard Brody
Chapter 21 Empirical Approaches to Health Care Ethics (pages 159–165): Jeremy Sugarman, Robert A. Pearlman and Holly A. Taylor
Chapter 22 Medical Sociology and the Redundancy of Empirical Ethics (pages 167–175): Adam Hedgecoe
Chapter 23 The Use of Thought Experiments in Health Care Ethics (pages 177–183): Adrian Walsh
Chapter 24 Deliberative Bioethics (pages 185–191): Michael Parker
Chapter 25 Law, Ethics and Health Care (pages 193–198): Sheila A. M. McLean
Chapter 26 Medical Humanities: An Overview (pages 199–206): Martyn Evans
Chapter 27 Reflective Equilibrium as a Method in Health Care Ethics (pages 207–213): Theo van Willigenburg
Chapter 28 Hermeneutic Ethics between Practice and Theory (pages 215–221): Guy A. M. Widdershoven and Tineke A. Abma
Chapter 29 Paternalism in Health Care and Health Policy (pages 223–229): James F. Childress
Chapter 30 Need: An Instrumental View (pages 231–238): Anthony J. Culyer
Chapter 31 Rights (pages 239–245): James G. S. Wilson
Chapter 32 Exploitation in Health Care (pages 247–254): Alan Wertheimer
Chapter 33 Competence to Consent (pages 255–261): Monique F. Jonas
Chapter 34 The Doctrine of Double Effect (pages 263–268): Suzanne Uniacke
Chapter 35 Ordinary and Extraordinary Means (pages 269–272): Stephen D. John
Chapter 36 Acts and Omissions (pages 273–276): Tuija Takala
Chapter 37 Personhood and Moral Status (pages 277–283): Ainsley J. Newson
Chapter 38 Commodification (pages 285–291): Stephen Wilkinson
Chapter 39 Consent and Informed Consent (pages 297–303): Neil C. Manson
Chapter 40 Treatment Decisions for Incapacitated Patients (pages 305–310): Rebecca S. Dresser
Chapter 41 Children's Consent to Medical Treatment (pages 311–317): David W. Archard
Chapter 42 Patients and Disclosure of Surgical Risk (pages 319–324): Justin Oakley
Chapter 43 Confidentiality (pages 325–332): Rebecca Bennett
Chapter 44 Truth Telling, Lying and the Doctor–Patient Relationship (pages 333–337): Roger Higgs
Chapter 45 Personal Beliefs and Patient Care (pages 339–344): Jennifer Jackson
Chapter 46 Conscience and Health Care Ethics (pages 345–350): Piers Benn
Chapter 47 Care in Families (pages 351–356): Hilde Lindemann
Chapter 48 The Ethics of Primary Health Care (pages 357–363): Annettee J. Braunack?Mayer
Chapter 49 The Nurse–Patient Relationship: A β€˜Principles plus Care’ Account (pages 365–370): Steven D. Edwards
Chapter 50 Dual Responsibilities: Do They Raise Any Different Ethical Issues from β€˜Normal’ Therapeutic Relationships? (pages 371–377): Ann Sommerville and Veronica English
Chapter 51 Violent and Abusive Patients: An Ethically Informed Response (pages 379–385): G. M. Behr, J. S. Emmanuel and J. P. Ruddock
Chapter 52 The Moral Significance of the Human Foetus (pages 387–392): Norman Ford
Chapter 53 Will We Need Abortion in Utopia? (pages 393–400): Adrienne Asch
Chapter 54 Maternal–Foetal Conflict (pages 401–407): Rosamund Scott
Chapter 55 Limits to Reproductive Liberty (pages 409–413): Thomas H. Murray
Chapter 56 Disability without Denial (pages 415–420): Tom Sorell
Chapter 57 Disability and Equity: Should Difference Be Welcomed? (pages 421–425): Tom Shakespeare
Chapter 58 Genetic Counselling (pages 427–434): Angus Clarke
Chapter 59 Ethics and Psychotherapy: An Issue of Trust (pages 435–442): Tim Bond
Chapter 60 Mental Illness and Compulsory Treatment (pages 443–448): John R. McMillan
Chapter 61 Personality Disorders and Compulsory Detention (pages 449–454): Matt Matravers
Chapter 62 Labia mea, Domine: Media, Morality and Eating Disorders (pages 455–461): Simona Giordano
Chapter 63 Intellectual Disability (pages 463–467): Pekka Louhiala
Chapter 64 Ethical Issues and Health Care for Older People (pages 469–474): Julian C. Hughes
Chapter 65 Organs and Tissues for Transplantation and Research (pages 475–481): David P. T. Price
Chapter 66 Living Donor Organ Transplantation (pages 483–488): Timothy M. Wilkinson
Chapter 67 Euthanasia and Principled Health Care Ethics: From Conflict to Compromise? (pages 489–495): Richard Huxtable
Chapter 68 Understanding and Misunderstanding Death (pages 497–503): David Lamb
Chapter 69 Ethics without Boundaries: Medical Tourism (pages 505–510): Guido Pennings
Chapter 70 Ethics of Performance Enhancement in Sport: Drugs and Gene Doping (pages 511–519): Bennett Foddy and Julian Savulescu
Chapter 71 Training Good Professionals: Ethics and Health Care Education (pages 521–525): Nafsika Athanassoulis
Chapter 72 Ethics Consultation and Ethics Committees (pages 527–534): Anne Slowther
Chapter 73 The Concepts of Health and Illness (pages 537–542): Lennart Y. Nordenfelt
Chapter 74 Community in Public Health Ethics (pages 543–548): Bruce Jennings
Chapter 75 Health Promotion, Society and Health Care Ethics (pages 549–555): Alan Cribb
Chapter 76 Preventing Disease (pages 557–562): Marcel Verweij
Chapter 77 Quantitative Methods for Priority?Setting in Health: Ethical Issues (pages 563–568): Daniel Wikler, Dan W. Brock, Sarah Marchand and Tessa Tan Torres
Chapter 78 Economics, Political Philosophy and Ethics: The Role of Public Preferences in Health Care Decision?Making (pages 569–576): Jeff Richardson and John McKie
Chapter 79 Decision Analysis: The Ethical Approach to Most Health Decision Making (pages 577–583): Jack Dowie
Chapter 80 Health Inequities and the Social Determinants of Health (pages 585–591): Wendy Rogers
Chapter 81 Organizational Ethics in Health Care (pages 593–600): Jacob E. Kurlander and Marion Danis
Chapter 82 Ethical Issues in Epidemiology (pages 601–606): Steven S. Coughlin
Chapter 83 Screening: Ethical Aspects (pages 607–615): Niklas Juth and Christian Munthe
Chapter 84 Vaccination Ethics (pages 617–622): Angus Dawson
Chapter 85 The Patient as Victim and Vector: Bioethics and the Challenge of Infectious Diseases (pages 623–630): Margaret P. Battin, Linda S. Carr?Lee, Leslie P. Francis, Jay A. Jacobson and Charles B. Smith
Chapter 86 Bioterrorism, Society and Health Care Ethics (pages 631–637): Michael J. Selgelid
Chapter 87 Drug Addiction, Society and Ethics (pages 639–645): Wayne Hall and Adrian Carter
Chapter 88 Smoking: Is Acceptance of the Risks Fully Voluntary? (pages 647–653): Robert E. Goodin
Chapter 89 Doctors and Human Rights (pages 655–662): Doris Schroeder
Chapter 90 Duties to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Host Countries' Medical Systems (pages 663–670): Pascale Allotey, Hilary Pickles and Vanessa Johnston
Chapter 91 Medical Aid in Disaster Relief (pages 671–677): Soren Holm
Chapter 92 The Ethics and Governance of Medical Research (pages 681–687): Richard E. Ashcroft
Chapter 93 On the Ethics of Animal Research (pages 689–695): David Degrazia
Chapter 94 The Ethical Requirement for Systematic Reviews for Randomized Trials (pages 697–701): Mike Clarke
Chapter 95 Informed Consent for Research (pages 703–710): James Flory, David Wendler and Ezekiel Emanuel
Chapter 96 Evaluating Benefits and Harms in Clinical Research (pages 711–717): Paul B. Miller and Charles Weijer
Chapter 97 Patients' Obligations? (pages 719–727): Simon Woods
Chapter 98 Standard of Care Owed to Participants in Clinical Trials: Different Standards in Different Countries? (pages 729–734): Reidar K. Lie
Chapter 99 Justice and Priority Setting in International Health Care Research (pages 735–741): Solomon R. Benatar
Chapter 100 Obligations of the Pharmaceutical Industry (pages 743–749): Udo Schuklenk and Jim Gallagher
Chapter 101 Ethics and Medical Publishing (pages 751–758): Richard Smith and Iain Chalmers
Chapter 102 Human Reproductive Cloning (pages 759–765): D. Gareth Jones and Kerry A. Galvin
Chapter 103 Obtaining Human Eggs for Stem Cell Research: Ethical Issues (pages 767–773): Heather Draper
Chapter 104 The Ethics of Xenotransplantation (pages 775–781): Jonathan Hughes
Chapter 105 Pharmacogenomics (pages 783–788): Ruth Chadwick
Chapter 106 Ethical Issues in Human Gene Transfer: A Historical Overview (pages 789–796): Eric T. Juengst and Hannah Grankvist
Chapter 107 The Ethics of Ageing, Immortality and Genetics (pages 797–801): Daniela Cutas and John Harris
Chapter 108 Ethical Issues of Enhancement Technologies (pages 803–809): Ruud H. J. Ter Meulen, Lisbeth Nielsen and Laurens Landeweerd
Chapter 109 Psychosurgery and Neuroimplantation: Changing What is Deep Within a Person (pages 811–817): Grant Gillett
Chapter 110 Resisting Addiction: Novel Application of Vaccines (pages 819–825): Andreas Hasman

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