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📙 Ice, Rock, and Beauty: A Visual Tour of the New Solar System by David Brodie, C. Murray — download pdf

Although most people have some knowledge of the essential structure of the Solar System, few are familiar with the large and varied array of objects that travel with and between the planets in their journeys around the Sun.Imaging techniques from Earth continue to improve, while missions such as Voyager, Galileo and the Hubble Space Telescope have yielded many excellent images. Most significantly of all, several missions in recent years have shown a huge diversity of objects in close-up for the first time. The book will take advantage of the rich pool of images that is available, to tell a story of the Solar System that has not been told before.Smaller Bodies will be a collection of approximately 72 stunning images, all from the public domain but not hitherto gathered into a coherent collection, with supporting text and graphics. Each main image will be accompanied by a graphic showing the location in the Solar System of the featured object. All of these graphics will be based in a simple template providing a simple representation of the Solar System. Text will not be extensive, allowing page design to have a high priority, and will be of three kinds. 'Main text' (approximately 200 words) will provide stimulating introduction and some key ideas. Text headed 'The object(s)' (25-75 words) will provide a brief description of featured objects. Text headed 'The image' (25-75 words) will provide information on the source of the image and some brief technical information where required (such as in describing use of false color).The book is intended for anybody who lives in solar orbit and takes a general interest in the solar neighborhood.

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Ice, rock, and beauty : a visual tour of the new Solar System

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